// 05.05.15

// Collection N Eleven

It's been one of those weeks when my work day ends, and my other work day starts right after leaving me with a 15 hour day. Thank goodness for the Real Housewives and my most recent favourite cocktail - whisky on ice. Collection N Eleven has only three more prints to go until it's completed. The last few prints are always the hardest eh? [yes Dan I noticed I said 'eh', I am Canadian and proud of it] <-- he makes fun of my family and I for this all.the.time. It's fine, I get him back with his Jersey Cawfee/slang on his 'a's' and when he gets a little bit of alcohol in him, he turns into Pauly D and says "Over there" like a true Jersey Shore-ian. 

N Eleven isn't just a textile collection that will be selling wallpaper and fabric. It has a whole story behind it, a very personal story. I will have that up for you tomorrow. Hope you're enjoying the day. It feels like spring one here in New York. x -C