// Rachel B's Crib

After the collaboration I did with Roots Canada, this whole photo shoot x Candice Kaye Design backdrop has started something super rad. About a week ago now, Rachel - the talent for MLS/ actress/ clearly a model, makeup artist Holly Jones, and I got together for a fun Saturday evening jam session. It was filled with champagne, snacks, and just a really good time. I missed my camera. 

Happy Monday guys, how was your weekend? My fam was in town. Tina threw a surprise flight + dinner along with 5 of his friends [who were also part of the surprise] for his 30th birthday here in New York. So nice having them here. Feeling a little more like myself again. If you missed all the action on Friday - I made Collection N Eleven live! You can view all the prints here. Also I do offer custom services for this collection as well! If you're wanting a different color - size of flower - or something completely custom to your space email me at kayecandice@gmail.com and I would love to get creative with you! Wallpaper can be scary since it's sort of permanent and then annoying to take down - if you're going to invest in something, might as well make it custom!

x -C