// Location: Maman NYC, Photographer: Bridget Badore 

I was curled up in my bed with a fresh cup of coffee in my hand. It was 6:30 am [my usual journal posting hours] when I had a thought, it's time to start your first collection. I love doing custom stuff, but how is anyone going to know who Candice Kaye Design is without her own prints? So that's how it all started. Everything just sort of flowed after that, the story behind the collection I was living, my wallpaper supplier [Twenty2 Wallpaper] Elisa already used for Papa Poule so I already knew the quality would be fantastic. A couple months later - four prints were born, wallpaper was printed and hung on canvases and I was drinking champagne at my launch party. 

I can't thank everyone enough for coming. Here's to the beginning of my wildest dreams.

[above: Random man]