// Location: Montauk

This time last year I had just gone on my first date with Dan, I just graduated from FIT, I was starting my summer internship, the only money I had was the cash in my wallet, and I had bags packed for a weekend in Montauk with the ladies for Memorial Day weekend. I took this photo on the beach. Isn't it funny how certain photos bring you back to a whole bunch of memories. I really do miss those $5 glasses from Aldo though. I sat on them on a train coming back from somewhere last summer. Sad moment. 

Ah, man how life has changed since then. I never would have thought I would be working full-time, juggling a collection, working with amazing clients, and packing my bags for a weekend on the Jersey Shore with now boyfriend Dan. Pretty awesome stuff. I'll be leaving my online life at home for the weekend. I got my sketch book packed and a whole lot of fun to look forward to. Update you on Tuesday! Enjoy the weekend. If you need me for any inquires on wallpaper or personal custom orders, feel free to email me any time kayecandice@gmail.com and I'll be sure to get back to you when I can! x-C