// Candice Kaye Design X WTF

Ahhh!! I woke up this morning to this! I remember the afternoon when I was contacted by Rosa so clearly, the lovely lady who interviewed me and wrote this piece, I was so excited to be considered for a feature I called both Dan and my mom and talked so fast neither of them could understand what I was saying. We met at the Magnolia bakery on 59th street, and chatted about life over cupcakes and coffee. I immediately fell in love with her English accent and her ability to ask the perfect questions that really spoke about who I was, who I wanted to be. This was written prior to the launch of Collection N Eleven - or even it was started rather. It's cool to read back and see how I imagined Collection N Eleven to be versus what it looks like now.  Thank you WTF Magazine for the beautiful feature. Honored.