// Woke up in Hokoben

The craziness of December has made it's way well into January. January 18th to be exact. Dan and I had the pleasure of meeting Ralph, our nickname for the bedbugs we found in our boxspring. Yes, you read that correctly, bed bugs in our boxspring [remember back when I talked about hotel living, well hotel living wasn't by choice, and hardly glamorous we lived out a little weekend bag for about a month]. Ralph and his friends literally took over our beautiful New York apartment making us sleep on a really comfortable blow up mattress [sarcasm] on the floor in our living room. That lasted a month before they kicked us out of our apartment completely. Well that's a lie, there was an opportunity to break our lease so we took it. We spent the weekend moving to Hoboken! It's a town just across the water, which holds the most beautiful view of New York City. It's a temp location for now until we figure our lives out. It's definetly very different than the City. Firstly, everyone is young or is young and has cute babies. I feel like I'm walking around a college town, which is actually really fun - doesn't make life feel so real. The streets are old, and the buildings are pretty [I'll update you with photos tomorrow]. The bars are apparently really fun as well - those I haven't tested out yet, excited for the weekend. It's also extremely quiet which is going to be fantastic for painting days . Life is slower and calmer across the water. Living in the city can make you feel like you need to get outside. Ralph might have actually been a blessing in disguise. I'm excited for this new living adventure. Everything happens for a reason, ready to see what this one was for. I'm also ready to start really digging into Collection N Fifteen, you can see now why my work life has been on hold for the last little while. Damn Ralph was a real inconvenience. Happy Monday guys x -C