// #THE6IX

Happy leap week. It feels good to be back in New York feeling rested. I literally slept all day Wednesday & Thursday. Home has that effect on me. Naps around 3 pm, bed times at 10 pm, wake ups at 9 am. Tim Horton mornings :) Yum. Below are some snaps from my morning coffee with artist Chrstine Flynn.  I love love her work. Her photographs make me wish I traveled with her to wherever she was when she took her photos. Sandra and her hubby Adrian [above] threw a fun party Saturday at their beautiful new home. Food Dudes catered and of course did an incredible job. It was a nice feeling to actually attend my best friend's birthday in person and not through FaceTime. My little guy Shai was too cool to make an appearance at his parent's birthday, he's making me work for his attention. In the next few months my sister will be a mommy along with the two best friends. How is time moving this quickly? 

Alright Monday let's do this. x -C