// Location: Studio

Pieces from Collection N Fifteen - a collection that I started in January. I'm happy with the way this collection came out - a finished product so far away from my initial thoughts of it when I started sketching birds, waves, wings, flowers, and leaves in total confusion of what they meant, and how they would work in a collection. Which actually mimics the past couple months of my life. That's the beauty of starting something new, where that new beginning will take you is unknown. To be OK with the unknown - that's the part I always had a hard time getting my head around. This collection taught me I didn't have to be OK with anything, just letting 'it' be was the answer. Which is why birds, wings, flowers, waves, and leaves separately were confusing until I put them all together and painted a delicate vine to connect them. Because I have also learned separately things might seem very confusing, but in the end they all connect - even if it connects with something as bizarre as a delicately painted green vine. Tomorrow Collection N Fifteen will be LIVE and available for inquires.  x -C