// From The Studio

How I get paint on the inside of my hands has always been a mystery to me. I've been working hard in the studio this month. Three custom CKD wallpaper prints are going up between now and beginning of July. In the next week or so you'll be seeing an updated website and COLLECTION N FIFTEEN. A lot has gone down since the launch of Collection N Twelve. Personally as an artist I find it hard to create when I have external pressures and stresses weighing on my spirit. Collection N Fifteen has been my most personal yet because it's the only thing that kept me focused and moving forward when my life was falling apart around me, literally. I'm covering my studio in my favourtie collection n fifteen print because of it. It's sort of like a really really big tattoo that covers four walls. Whenever I look at it I'll remember New York, my days living in Hoboken - then sleeping on a couch, and Rihanna because "work" was on repeat, oh and Mindy. The Mindy Project saved my life.