Ash and I arrived at the Marrakech airport jet lagged [on my end] and hungry. Then we stepped outside to find our driver and were instantly sweating. 41 degrees - a whole new level of heat. I can confidently say I know what it feels like to walk around with wet clothes. You probably didn't need to know to that. There are loads of rumours about Marrakesh, most of them about the aggressive men. Maybe it's because we were covered, but we were treated like Queens. We spent the first two days roaming around, sweating, shopping. Somewhere between the Souks and making ourselves at home on the floors of the shops while we picked out bowls and mugs, we found paradise at Hotel Mamounia. The detail in the hotel took my breath away so was the feeling of falling into the pool. Water has never felt so good against my skin. We spent the last two days in the desert riding on camels, and sleeping in the desert [in tents that were way too hot to sleep in, so Ash and I slept outside alongside mountain wolves #truestory]. I woke up Friday at 5 am to coffee and a sunset [last photo]. One of those cheesy moments in life when you stand there motionless and reflect on your life. The view definitely put things into prospective. God damn our world is beautiful was the thought that went through my head. I felt fortunate be standing there. Life's a gift. I'm back in London now, working from here all week. Perhaps a new location will spark some new inspiration. Collection N 22 is coming! x -C