// Location: Edinburgh 

We arrived to Edinburgh, Scotland accidentally right in the middle of the largest arts festival in the world, Fringe. I say accidentally because we had no idea it existed until last week. It’s an arts festival filled with comedy, theatre, dance, circus, music, galleries. Pretty much a festival that has put any of the festivals I’ve been to to shame. We were greeted with a schedule textbook thick of shows available. 30,000 performances, 2,000 shows. I didn’t count those myself, just looked it up on Google. Daunted by that number I then also googled “10 best comedy to see at Fringe” and purchased two tickets to see our first Fringe comedy with Nazeem Hussain. Hilarious Australian comedian. We found our second show from a midday beer and wine stop on Royal Mile [after a trip to the Edinburgh Castle]. The ladies sitting next to us were Fringe experts and told us to go see Hyprov. Colin Mochrie, the OG of Who’s Line Is It Anyway teamed with with hypnotists Asad Mecci and put on a show like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Watching people become hypnotized in front of my eyes was super eerie. Once the audience volunteers were in full hypnotic state [or however you would call it], Colin Mochrie stepped in and did full improvisation with them. So different, and so funny. 

Other than that, Edinburgh was freezing, rainy, and beautiful. These photos don't do the cute streets and alleyways justice. I appreciated the stairs. My body is in need of a solid workout. Oh, and for those who love a good Old Fashion as much as I do - you need to try Devils Advocate. Nothing better than a candlelit dinner and good cocktails. Follow along snap: ckayedesign to see our next stop! x -C