// 01.17.17

// Update:

Like all Januarys, the past two weeks have been spent picking up the leftovers from 2016. I've had a reoccurring headache that likes to say hello around 2 pm and then stay in my brain until I close my eyes for bedtime. Maybe I should invest in some Advil. Anyway, just thought I would update you on what's been going on in Candice Kaye Design life. The print for the cafe in Sydney, Australia called The Daily Eatery will be done this week. I'm collaborating with a table company here in Toronto! I can't wait to show you some samples! Collection N 23 is almost ready for it's debut. It's coming out completely different than expected, as expected. Mmm I'm back in the studio working on a project that's been seven years in the making! And I'm currently watching Sex And The City as I try to get iPhone case designs I'm collaborating on done. I forgot how much I loved this show. I miss my apartment in Greenwich Village. And my Carrie window. K bye. x -C