October felt like one long weekend. How is it almost November. The launch of Collection N 33, the opening of Palm Lane , Mary Be's cabbage installation, meetings with Rustik Design - CKD finally experimenting with 3D wallpaper, meetings with a Ali Ghassemi from Weaver & Loom teaching me the true meaning of bespoke rugs (and making samples for CKD's newest venture), approving samples for Caleigh's newest Bolo - a boxing/fitness gym opening soon in Toronto, rug samples arriving for interior designer Kate Thornley-Hall, Maman Cafe opened their newest location in FRANCE, CKD will walk the streets of Paris. I tend to get caught up with the need to constantly push boundaries with CKD that I forget to take a second to like, breathe. A lot has happened this month no wonder it's felt like a blur.

My hands are currently covered in paint - I've been painting hummingbirds all morning for Kate's newest rug design while listening to Dermot Kennedy. I'm refilling my coffee and have no plans of changing out of my sweatpants anytime soon. The perfect Monday. I'm excited for what November will look like. Things are starting to get very very exciting. K, just thought I'd say hi. x -C