I've always had an urge to get my vision out into the world. Just whenever I would open my mouth I would get looks of complete confusion. Over time I learned timing is everything, even when it comes to my ideas. Give them time to develop so you can show people what you mean. It's a strange feeling to watch the first phase come to life. I say first because custom wallpaper is just my step one. The ideas that have been brewing in my head for the past eight years have yet to be developed and perfected before I can show you. I spoke to The Prevail Project about my journey up until this point. There's nothing more satisfying than being interviewed by a writer who understands you, laying out my thoughts in a beautifully written piece. If you feel like reading about why I started with wallpaper, how Elisa from Maman was my push to start Collection N Eleven, why I feel a need to push the boundaries in the textile industry, and how resilience is the key and only ingredient to success click here. Thank you Prevail for having CKD. x