I enjoy the entrepreneur life, it's fun, and fresh, always moving, not one day is the same, your growth is reliant on your work ethic. The only disadvantage - loneliness. Until I have the ability to build a team - it's just me, myself, and I dreaming up wallpaper prints. Lately CKD has been packing her bags and staying with friends, working from balconies and pretty sunsets. I like to believe that aside from the hard work entrepreneurship puts me through life is supposed to be lived. Yesterday Mich and I were in hysterics laughing over something - most likely something she said - and I remember thinking, this is life. These are the moments that I want to remember and keep reliving. I'm off to New York tomorrow for the installation of Sel Rrose. Maman just opened their newest market called Marche Maman. It's truly remarkable how those two have the energy to keep opening more locations. Below is CKD's first custom skateboard. Ilich wanted roses. So I made them fuschia pink and layered them on top of a checkered ground with hidden photos of beach towns I took while in Bali and Australia. Mmm and that's all. See ya in NY. x -C