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We were lucky it was great weather this weekend. I forgot how much I loved Montreal. My suppliers are based there so we thought we'd take advantage of the holiday and go for the drive to see them. We ate at Garde Manger - just as delicious as I remembered and walked around Old Montreal. The Custom Table Company is just weeks away from it's launch date. I finally got to see the tables in person. They really are amazing. CKD has also been working closely with interior designer Kate Thornley-Hall on custom rugs for her client. Two of them should be ready for March. Can't wait to see them. Seeing my work transform into rugs is so exciting. Pumped to see samples from my own collection with Ali

I'm working from the home studio today in my sweatpants, just poured my second cup of coffee, and ready to get my paints out. I'm in the middle of Collection N 44 - a collection I've been taking my time on. Happy Tuesday! x