I've been cooped up in the studio for the past week. Starting with a coffee at 9am, ending with a glass of wine at 9pm. There's so much going on! First here's Bolo's second print finished and sample approved. Caleigh is opening her new space in the next couple months where this new print will make it's debut. Ali and I are three rugs deep into creating. I'll show you what we've been working on later. I've been working with Ali for almost six months now and I can't believe how much there is to know about rugs. The most valuable lesson has been learning how to properly transfer your vision onto the rug. So often art will get sent off to the mills and come back as distorted rug samples. It's no ones fault, but there are pieces to the puzzle that need to be communicated. Finding the perfect weave to work with the design is one of them. There are some really fun collabs in the works, collabs I can't yet tell you about. But a hint is CKD will be in some very cool department stores within the US and Canada. CKD is working on her newest custom project with Ballroom Bowl. The sketching process has started. Also Collection N 44 is done! Just finishing up the video and getting it all ready to launch. It's very different than anything I've done before. Ok, back to work. x C