// Lately

Lately: So Pharrell Williams was at Planta Miami. He snapped about it. I got excited and screenshot it - then reposted it. He is one of my favourites and hope to one day work with him. I pretty much met him. He had to walk by the wallpaper at some point right? Besides that nothing else really matters. Kidding. It’s been a busy couple weeks since I got back from LA. Meghan and Harry got married, I was in florida with the fam for a little. Finally got to see Planta Miami for myself. Got no work done, because kids don't let you. The juice bar is printed and ready to go up, BOLO approved their third print. The new BOLO location should be opening in July! The ballroom approved their print and we will be wrapping their bathrooms stalls. I’ve been wanting to try this for some time now, so i’m excited to see how it turns out. CKD has two more custom rugs sent off for production. We’ve approved samples, excited to see these life size. Mmm I get paint all over my arms when I paint. How is still a mystery to me. We ate at IHop. I may or may not be getting into jewelry design again :) And Planta Toronto has made a life size hoarding of my print at Bay and Bloor. Bucket list stuff right there. K that's all! Happy Friday! x -C