// Planta opening/Faryl PilatesSaturday Social

Life lately has been nuts. So nuts that I completely crashed last week and slept for the majority of my days. No motivation no desire to do anything no creativity. It was nice to turn off for more than a day or two and allow myself to rest. I’m feeling back to normal and ready to start moving again. Planta Queen opens next week! Here is mural one of three that I did for them! Faryl’s bespoke print goes up next week. And I should have some more video and photos from The Saturday Social I spoke at at the beginning of this month! ALSO I may be exploring the world of YouTube… like… as a vlogger. I feel like it’s time we get a little closer. I’m really awkward in front of the camera, but there is really cool stuff going on for CKD that I feel needs to be talked about and captured! Stay tuned and subscribe to my channel now! x C