I’m taking a break. From life. I’m sitting in my studio looking through photos from the past month. Thought I would come on here and talk to you. Remember the days when I used to write on here everyday. Every single morning before I went to work I would write something on here. I miss those days. Things were so simple then. Although I was broke, I was living in ny with this insane drive. It is crazy to think that I used to dream about working with the clients I do now. I am thankful and still have that drive, I am just tired. Maybe I just need to take a nap. I’m rambling.

Over the next two months CKD’s newest projects will open. Sel Rrose Montauk and my newest project in Miami. It has been seven day work weeks kind of life lately. I’m just learning how to build up the stamina again. My body isn’t used to it. One of the guys that founded Pinterest said having your own business is a marathon. It never stops. The only thing that must change is your ability to keep going.

I’ve been back and forth from New York lately. Carrying wallpaper on my flight instead of my luggage. Loads of things are happening and I could not be more excited. OK, break over. x C