// New York Fashion Week '14

Besides the fact that it's spring weather in New York City today, I feel like we should talk about Winter jackets [selfishly because I really need to get a new one]. Do I get a pea coat again? A really nice Mackage jacket to match my big sister? Or do I go on trend and match what was on the runway for Fall '14? That Richard Chai wrap jacket that sort of looks like a housecoat I'm really liking. They are all over New York. The BCBG fur is also really lovely. I walked into Reformation on Sunday, [A little boutique store on Dan's street in the Lower East Side], and found a long pea coat. By long I mean like below my knees, wait sort of the length as that wrap jacket. I'll let you know what I end up deciding. Thanks for listening.

As for you fellas, I've included some of my favourite looks from Richard Chai's runway. There is nothing sexier than a man in a ball cap and a pea coat. Or a toque paired with a pea coat. Alright that's enough of my rambling. If you haven't read your horoscope yet they are updated! Read yours here. x -C