// Location: Love The Design

Photos by: Marlee Maclean

New York has a funny way of playing with your ego. When it feels like being nice it can pick you up and place you on top of the world. Then within seconds it can kick you off. Leaving you to pick yourself off the floor struggling to stand again. I've felt both. I really love what I do. I enjoy refilled coffee while painting and an open schedule just as much as I enjoy running around the city carrying easels that are heavier than me, setting up photoshoots, and late night edits, last minute changes, and jumping into the dark when taking on projects I've never done before. I love the fast pace of it all. Regardless of my love for my work, New York at times makes me feel like I need validation for my love. Who have you worked for, what projects have you done, what's coming up next, the usual questions. The same questions that give me anxiety. I had a friend ask me "why Toronto" on Friday night. I forget what my answer was, but looking back at that question now my answer is pretty simple. I collaborated with the prettiest store in Toronto, had an old friend work her magic and style Collection N Twelve around the store, another friend (whom I met through my Roots Canada collaboration) take photos of the event, and filled the room with friends, family, and whatever designers wanted to come through. I didn't need validation that night, nor did I care for it. CKD is designed to be enjoyed not validated. I moved to New York for a bigger life, and I always felt once I get "there" life will start for me and all my hard work will pay off. Friday night taught me a lot about what I actually wanted. Life has begun and life is happening. CKD will be slowing down at the stop signs for the full three seconds for the next little while. I don't want to miss anything. Thank you to everyone who came out Friday night. It was so amazing to see everyone and to show you what I've been working so hard on. x -C

 Ashley Davidson - Your styling abilities made the entire event perfect. Christine Flynn- THANK YOU for your space. Your store is so incredibly beautiful. Cake Jar Co. - I enjoyed your delicious cake Saturday morning with my Tim's coffee. Marlee - These photos are beautiful. Rob and Kyra from Twenty2 Wallpaper for your beautiful quality.