// Good morning 

I'm back in my dream world. Just me myself my favourite new tumblr and coffee #2. It's Wednesday, also known as my favourite day of the week [besides TGIF Friday, and Saturday morning, and lazy Sunday football 11 am wake up morning] because it's Horoscope day. Psychics, horoscopes, tarot cards [confession: I have a deck of my own] I'm all over them. It's not about knowing the future that gets me excited [I'm a believer in you make your own density through choices and action], it's the 'magic' of getting a little insight into something that hasn't happened yet. The unseen universe that graciously, or ungraciously place things in front of you that just 'happen' to help you get to the next place you need to be. It's my own little magic [that and Collection N Twelve]. Sitting in bed with breakfast and a book in Paris while looking like Cindy Crawford is pretty f'in magical too.