// Location: Love The Design

Hey!! Happy Wednesday. Is it me or did Wednesday come real fast. If you didn't hear the news from Monday morning, we launched our shopCollection N Twelve has been transformed into gift wrap for the holidays, and they just look so delightful all wrapped up - if I do say so myself. Setting up the shoot, taking photos and editing them brought me back to my photography years. How I missed them. ANYWAYS, I'm taking off for the next week and a half. I have my computer [I'll still be working], my camera [which I'm stoked about] and a couple of bathing suits. Brittany is getting married in the Dominican and Candice Kaye Design is in deep need of a vacation around best friends. It's been two years of straight hustle with zero vacation. And not traveling for that long is just not in my DNA. I'll be snappin' away throughout the week if you dare to follow along [ckayedesign], as well as saying good morning on here from my hotel room... I just rambled on for a paragraph about stuff that wasn't the topic that I wanted to talk about. The photo above is an invitation to an exclusive presentation of Collection N Twelve at Love The Design in TORONTO! Yes, I'll be home for the weekend once fairytale life in Dominican is over. I thought I would take full advantage of my weekend, team up with the best store in Toronto and invite all my Toronto peeps to see what I've been working so hard on here in New York. RSVP is now open, email me at candicekaye@candicekayedesign.com if you're interested in coming! I would love to meet/see you. xx -C