Hellloooo and happy Monday. I can't believe it's already the 14th of December. I'm flying back to Toronto this weekend and couldn't be more excited to put on Santa Clause, lay on my couch, and be surrounded by Christmas. I love Christmas time in New York, but nothing feels more like Christmas than being home. This weekend was a busy one. I spent my entire Saturday cleaning the apartment [while singing to Justin Bieber] - Dan and I are finally back home from hotel living - and Sunday was spent at Maman TriBeCa. Maman's newest New York location. Elisa went all out with the decor in this one. She's got boxes made, lamp shades, and wallpaper with this killer finish on her walls. So much Candice Kaye Design everywhere. It still feels weird to see my stuff in real life, never mind in a cafe in New York City. Like what? Above are custom prints I did for a tea company in Toronto, Blue Roots Tea. I finally got my hands on two flavors. My Saturday morning was delicious. 

Speaking of delicious, this coffee number two in my hand is exactly that :) x -C