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not sure if those are flowers in the drink, or flowers engraved on the glass. either way they sparked an idea. stealing the placement for future ckd glass wear. tgif, and thank god. what.a.week. i'm still living out of my little weekend bag from last week, currently wearing Dan's dress shirt because of it. i've run out of clothes. i stumbled across another tumblr that i liked. daydreaming at it's finest at the moment. anyone else ready more than ever for 2016? i'm already writing down my 'lessons' for the year for my annual year end post. i've been writing those since i started my first website, so like 5 years ago now? so much happens in a year and it's important to take a second to appreciate each moment or in my case latey - learn from them, move on and hit 'start fresh'. a lot has changed in the past two weeks, things that have already shaped 2016's beginning to be different than i anticipated. woah life amirightttt. ok, lunch time. x -C