// Reformation

So I haven't gone shopping in a while, correction, I never go shopping. I've put all my time and money into the business and therefore have curated a wardrobe of classics which pretty much can all be paired with one another. Jeans, light, dark, white and black, plain T's, classic knit sweaters, a Ted Baker blazer [which I've had for years now and still love], black blazer [from Zara which needs to be thrown out] a couple pieces from Club Monaco [I got a really lovely knit pencil skirt which I wear with everything], black leather boots, and the same rings I wear almost everyday [which I love because each piece of jewelry that I own has some sort of meaning]. I can't wait for the day that I can start buying clothes that Gigi Hadid wears [my girl crush] or Miraduma [my other girl crush]. Miraduma puts on outfits that makes me be like, where did you even find that killer jacket [haha I can't believe I just said "killer"], and I want that dress, and I want those pants, and you make me want to grow my hair really long and get bangs. I actually had bangs for a couple months. True story. I want to buy all of Alice Temperley's [she's my idol] dresses and wear them on like a regular occasion to dinner with Dan or something. So as you can see, I'm very far from my wardrobe dreams, Alice Temperley dresses sell for about 1,500 pounds - but you have to start somewhere. So I bought these pants while christmas shopping for my sisters. They were 50% off :)

New horoscopes are up guys. It's Wednesday. x -C