// Merry Christmas!

My brother was up before all of us Christmas morning. Laying on the couch with a coffee in his hand with Santa's gift on his lap. Actually that's a lie, my mom was up before all of us... she made the coffee. For the last 15 years we host breakfast at our house Christmas morning. My mom is running around, Yavey's on the grill, Tina is making the pancakes, cookies, waffles #Bless, Meagan is in charge of making sure everything stays warm, I'm cleaning and decorating [aka making myself as busy as possible so I don't need to help in the kitchen. I eventually get there just in time for toast duty, which I still get yelled at for how untoasted they end up] and Daniel - I don't think he did much. We have a large family that have remained super close [therefore making my cousins my best friends, my uncles my second dads, and my aunts my second moms]. I grew up next door to my mom's one brother Peter, and down the street to my mom's other brother Paul. All three families have four kids each... you can do the math. We are loud and crazy but we wouldn't have it any other way. The morning starts with mimosas, and ends with games and coffee. Christmas morning is my mostest favouritest day. It's so nice to be home. Family is everything. Everything. I hope you had a wonderful holiday. x -C