// 2015


I cleaned out my room the other day, like cleaned.it.out. Went through my closet, every single tiny box, gave away three bags of clothes, went through some old sketch books and chubby cheek photos, threw out two bags of garbage, and threw out loads of really ugly jewelry. I rearranged all the furniture [an activity I did about once a month as a kid], and took apart my old vision board. It was time for a fresh fresh start. It's also time for a new "hello 2106, bye bye 2015" post. A post where I would normally upload all my favourite and not so favourite photos [like the ones attached] and write an in-depth story about my lessons, surprises, and goals for the new year. I'll probably still do something very similar to that, but as the year comes to an end all the dots that I didn't know where even dots to connect are connecting in ways I never realized before. This is going to be a very very interesting year :) I hope you're enjoying the day! Happy Tuesday and HELLO SNOW. You're a couple days late.