It's weird to me that people are interested in my work. Every time I see a repost of someone holding a Maman Cup or "love this" under artwork posted on my instagram - instant smiles. Never mind the emails of "let's get a photoshoot and interview down on the calendar". Most recently I've been asked "What can we expect from your new collection" [which is launching May 5th]. I couldn't help but smile before answering the question. I wonder if it's because I've taught myself to keep my head down, do work that I like and not worry about what everyone else is doing that I didn't notice everyone that was looking.

Firstly hello to all my new readers. Thanks for stopping by and clicking through my story. Secondly, how do you like the way I do interviews? Big smiles, and big hair. This is an outtake from our [Elisa and I's] interview with Preserve.us. I've been having fun with all the new adventures taking place in my life. I promise to keep smiling and produce intelligent work. Alright, that's all. I hope you're keeping warm on this snowy day. x -C