// Location: Holyrad Studio, Bushwick, Brooklyn

Photo shoots, I've always felt really awkward during these things. This past weekend I shot with the wonderful Daryl Oh at her studio in Brooklyn. The shoot was for WTF Magazine who are doing a feature on the new collection [launching May 5th], as well as my work with Maman and Papa Poule. We blew up one of the custom prints from Collection N Eleven as a backdrop for the shoot. I must say, it looked really cool life size, and up against the beautiful brick walls and concrete floors it got me really excited to see the collection finally printed out on wallpaper. I will be working closely with Twenty2 wallpaper with this new collection. Their quality of work is beautiful, as well as their patience. Poor Robert has been trying to give me detailed instructions on how to set up proper files for production. I'm currently learning how to do murals - something that looks similar to this. Life size art on the walls guys. Ahh, I'm tres excited. I hope you had a lovely long weekend and very happy easter! x -C