GUYS!!!! It's here, the 5th of the 5th month of 2015. Want to know a little secret, I had that date written down in my journal about 4 years ago. I found it last night at around 3 am while I was putting the finishing touches on the website for the big reveal [to you] and needed a little mind break.

Tonight is the private media launch party. I just got word that some major publications will be there, and between you and I, I'm starting to get real nervous. I will be revealing the full collection + full video + full story behind the collection later this week!! Ah it's all coming together. Super crazy and fun and scary! Photographer Bridget Badore will be working her magic tonight - I wanted to make sure you had full exclusive coverage of the launch party tonight! Alright guys, here goes nothing. Wish me luck! x -C