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Those runners no longer look so brand new anymore. Damn, I'm in need of some new ones. However, I'm on the search for a new New York apartment [bye bye Greenwich Village] so home goods are on my priority list. 

It's Friday and thank god [takes a sip of her coffee]. I felt like a bus hit me when I opened my eyes Monday morning, and I still haven't really been able to shake that feeling since. A lot has happened since Monday morning. Sunday at around 1:40 pm, I got approved for my VISA. After six months of a constant feeling of uneasiness, I finally feel settled. New York has me for a little while longer, and I'm coming after it with all that I got.  Oddly enough, as New York seems to have me a little longer, Toronto will be seeing more of me in months to come as well. Yup Toronto, I'm coming after you too. There is no place like home right?