// Location: My apartment 

Just a typical Wednesday at my apartment with Rachel and photographer Jose Martinez. Photoshoots while drinking prosecco on the coldest day in New York City yet was the best way to spend the day. I'm not a model nor do I want to be, but it's fun to get your photos done. It was a good way to say goodbye to this apartment. Dan and I are moving this weekend [sad face]. I loved my home, fireplace, fire escape, hardwood floors, a kitchen with a marble counter top - I mean you just don't find that everywhere in New York. I've always wanted to have "new york" photos - you know like the ones you see on tumblrs so I'm excited to see how these turned out. Wait! we literally just got these photos sent from Jose [I love when photographers work fast] Check out the photo below of Rach ontop of the fridge. Doooppeeeee. Oh, OH there are new horoscopes up! x -C