// Britt's home

I never really thought about what happens once my best friends would start to get married and have bb's. I just assumed everything will stay the same. We would all live in the same area and watch cheesy shows while drinking vodka diet cokes at 1 pm. I live in New York, Sandra is in the city with a baby, and another beautiful girl on the way, and Britt now lives in Cobourg with her husband Evan. Very different than when I left for New York just about three years ago. So, for New Years we packed the car up, and drove the hour to Cobourg to celebrate New Years with Britt and Evan. The town reminded me a little of Red Bank down in the Jersey Shore. Small town, cute restaurants, and quietness. The second last photo is a small bar hidden between homes. Totally my steeze. It was the perfect way to spend New Years [if Dan was with us, that would have obviously made things that much better, stupid hospital hours]. Lately I feel myself jumping between big city life, and small time quietness. What life will best fit me in the long run. Yes - I've also started to think very long term. I'll be 30 in just three short years! Perhaps I'll have two homes. One in the city, and one on the water. Or maybe three homes, one in Europe as well. OK stopping. x -C