// Location: Soho Grand Hotel, New York 

I'm currently sitting outside curled up in a blanket and my uggs. This fall weather is making it hard to do anything else but enjoy it, so i've decided to surrender. I spent the majority of my morning listening to podcasts & the new Kings Of Leon album, looking through old photos, and planning my next adventure. I'm thinking Cali, Australia, Bali. In the mist of looking through photos, I came across this one from last week. I was exhausted when I took this photo, my hair - I don't even know what to call that mess, and my white shirt actually had a coffee stain on it from juggling wallpaper samples, iphone, two bags, and my coffee on the subway. I fell into that chair feeling like a total mess, but happy. Little moments of happiness like this are what make this journey to my highest dreams worth it. The journey can be a lonely one at times, and the past six months have taught me just how lonely things can get. And I'm finally OK with that, moments like this make it all OK. Happy weekend guys. x -C