// From the studio

This week in the studio has been like blah. The creative side of my brain was like "sorry CK, I'm not giving you nothing". Said in that perfect grammar too. When this happens you can find me starfish on the floor of my studio, staring at the ceiling. I woke up this morning, made myself a coffee and put Alicia Keys's new album in my ears. There's an interlude mid album called Elevate, sounds like Pharrell's voice. It's about touching something that has already been done and elevating that same thing to another level - looking at it in different way rather. Always adding on. CKD's underlining purpose towards the wallpaper industry. It's hard to continuously push yourself to do better, think bigger, and sometimes pray the creative ideas will flow in. Then Alicia Keys puts out a new album just in time, and it just makes you say thank-you. It's my dream to be a room with all the greats talking about ideas, life, and then producing. For today I'll live through this album and keep working harder. Happy Friday guys. x -C