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There are nights out in New York, then there are nights out in New York. It's been a while since I've had one of those. My nights lately have been go-to-bed-early because anything less than an eight hour sleep makes me tired the next day. Last night Rachel invited me out for drinks with a director she worked with in LA. He is here directing Kanye's fashion show this week. Ya you read that correctly. And Kanye is just a few that he has worked with, add Madonna and Beyonce to the list. We sat and drank and talked about life, and experiences, mostly his lol. Aside from the fact that it felt really good to be surrounded by such talent, I learned quite a lot. For instance, how to play pool properly. I'm a terrible pool player and I sunk some pretty sweet balls [That's what she said, beat you to it Dan]. Mark and his buddy had some pretty cool stories to tell last night. I could picture Rach and I say 10 years from now talking about our New York City days. How we got pushed down beat up and run over just to get up and take a beating all over again.

There was one thing Mark said last night that really stuck. Rach and I have been invited to the Kanye show this week #NoBigDeal, we were so excited to bring our cameras and make videos or whatever, when Mark said to remember to do things and see things just for you. He said maybe you won't get that photo, or that video, but you'll have that mental shot which will be filled with so much more experience and meaning because it will be completely and entirely yours. It brought me back to my Music Festival days when we would turn off our phones and leave them in our tents for the entire weekend. Or my first day in the Photographers pit for my first ever fashion week experience. I put down the camera a couple times to just watch the fashion and take in that incredible sound of cameras clicking all around me. Maybe that's why I love new york nights like these, Rach and I didn't have our phones at all the entire night. We didn't need them. We were in good company.