Our first dinner in Florence was just a couple minutes from our hotel. It was 10 pm, we just arrived from Paris hungry and tired. We walked into a tiny restaurant, walls painted in the same mustard color that Florence covers their buildings in, white tablecloths, and hundreds of framed black and white photographs autographed by the famous people who have sat at our very table covered the walls. My mom and I came to the conclusion that our waitress was the daughter of the owner, whom we assumed was the older gentleman running the front [I come from a large Macedonian family who raised us in the restaurant industry. I was hostess by 14, serving by 18, and so were my sisters and cousins. My grandfather still works in his kitchen]. I can't drink wine [I know, it's terrible] so I ordered myself a Campari soda [I figured an old fashion was a bit of a stretch]. I was served a Campari and sprite [close enough], and my first plate of Italiano pasta. Tasted like heaven. Heaven can pretty much sum up the rest of my experience in Florence. The style, the people, the culture, the buildings, the beauty. My mom and I spent our days roaming around, researching all the non-tourist areas, popping in and out of shops. Since it's August most of the little boutique shops were closed when we got there. But as the days went on Florence looked different. More cafes opened their doors, little shops appeared out of nowhere, the Italians started to take over the streets. According to the locals the best time to visit Florence is in October/November. In August everyone leaves for holiday. I can just picture myself traveling here every October to my Villa just outside Florence. Shop for the fall, eat, relax, take in the scenery #TheLife.

I'm currently sitting in Rome as I write this. We fly home tomorrow. Damn, this month as been an incredible one. This unexpected time away from the grind has allowed me to put things into prospective that I couldn't see clearly before. I'm returning home ready to get back into the studio. Collection N 22 is coming, and the ideas flowing through my head are getting me really excited. See you in the studio. x -C