In the studio, three coffees deep thanks to the jet lag, music blasting in my ears, and I've managed to answer two emails... I do my best work early in the morning - my body thinks it's 6:30 pm. My brain checked out before the day even started. So I figured I would edit the photos from Rome, and write to you. Rome was a short and glamorous stay- perfect way to end this thirty day adventure . Our beautiful hotel made me pull out my red dress I bought in Mykonos years ago and never wear. Rome felt larger than life. The history made everything feel grand and almost secret. My favourite was the Trevi Fountain. The tradition says you get three wishes by throwing three coins into the fountain right hand over over left shoulder. The first coin will bring you back to Rome, the second will give you true love, and the third is for a husband. I'll let you know how they go. 

I'm really happy to be home. Baddies Cafe was installed Monday - I went to the installation straight from the airport. It looks dope. Obviously ;) I'll have photos from the installations up here tomorrow. Ok, back to work for me. x -C