// From the studio 

I had a completely different vision for Collection N 23 when I started pulling photos for inspiration. Then I went to the Caribbean over the holidays, and fell in love with St. Lucia's tropical rainforest. Something about the way the vines with the funny looking leaves curled around the trees. I was surrounded by flowers I've never seen before. In particular the Torch Ginger, the flower I devoted this collection to. So I put pre holiday collection n 23 in the trash and started all over again. From the minute I started sketching everything flowed quickly and easily - as if I was in some sort of trance and my brain had already made up it's mind on what this collection was going to look like. The colors I originally painted the leaves, the flower, and the Peacock stayed the exact same throughout the collection making process. Which never happens. Maybe it was all meant to be this way. I'm happy with this collection. Hope you guys enjoy it. x -C [Click here to see the newest Collection N 23]