// Location: St. Ali coffee, South Melbourne  

I'm pretty sure I've consumed enough coffee this past week to last me an entire month. It's just so good here. I've traded my classic Americano for a flat white. I drink my coffee black yet milk has never tasted so good. I'm currently sitting in a cafe somewhere in South Melbourne. It's close to the beach which I plan on walking to and parking myself for the rest of this lovely Saturday. Rain or shine - there's a 30% chance of showers. Australia has made it's way into my heart. Ash and I have felt like we just slipped right in seamlessly. It has the city, which is filled with effortlessly cool cafe and bars. But also has the beach which is filled with true surfers and beautiful beach towns.

The Daily Eatery is open and ready for business. Nemo Li took Ash and I around Sydney. We started with lunch and ended with dinner before catching our flight back to Melbourne. It's all pretty surreal - I was in Sydney, Australia having dinner with my client. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that was possible. Nemo Li is also the coolest, of course. A young entrepreneur pushing boundaries and taking chances that only few would have the guts to do. My kind of people.

I decided a while ago that I would devote my life to traveling the world creating networks of people that constantly force me to grow and think bigger. That plan is slowly coming together and it's happening all before my eyes. For the first time ever I wish time would slow down. I want to make sure that I take this all in. x -C