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// TGIF Vibes

damn it's hard coming back from a week on the beach to a full on week in nyc. so much so i've said f' it to capitals. t.g.i.f. i don't think i've stopped moving for the past two years - so  laying in the heat sipping on pina coladas which eventually turned into vodka sodas all day was a huge body shock. i most def shocked my body again by deciding to have a launch party in toronto the day after i got back. ah well #yolo. i'm in a tumblr mood trying to get some inspiration for my new spring collection coming out. so far nothing, but i fell in love with couple photos in the process. i'm off to a 'friends-giving' tonight, a term i've only really heard while living here. turkey friends and cocktails. i'm in :) I hope you guys have a good weekend. my weekend will be going down on snap ckayedesign if you wish to follow along. x -C