// New beginnings for 2016


Candice Kaye Design launched May 5th when Elisa [from Maman] and I decided it was a good idea for me to start putting collections together. Our conversations usually start with one idea and end with about ten. One of those ten ideas was to do a launch party at Maman to celebrate this collection that I didn't even start yet [starting with an end goal is always a bad idea] A couple months after this conversation Collection N Eleven was born, I had PR running the event, I had a florist, champagne was being delivered and I was running from my full-time job to make sure I made my party in time. I woke up the next morning with a headache and a sinking feeling in my stomach "shit what have I done". 

I work full-time at a brilliant high end company called Holland & Sherry. I work in the rug department [designing] right next to the Creative Director. For the past year I've been learning/teaching myself all the ins and outs of how to construct a proper rug. Holland & Sherry works with only high end top quality product, so I thought this would be the best place to learn. And it has been. It also has been exhausting. All of the collections, freelance jobs, powder room murals, gift wrap shop have been created during 'after hours'. Any meetings are always scheduled for 6 pm, which I usually get to sweating [from running]. Truth is, I'm really tired of feeling sweaty. So as I write this post, I'm currently sitting at a desk I will not have Monday morning. It's finally time to make my full-time job Candice Kaye Design. This decision has been a long time coming and it's funny I thought I would feel more confident with it. I'm not. But I am confident in what I don't want. And I guess that's a start. 

Candice Kaye Design may have 'launched' or started or whatever in May, but with all of this time that I'm giving myself for 2016, I am certain my product is just going to get stronger, and I can't be more excited. So, thanks again for following along on this crazy ride - we are in for another crazy one for 2016. [happy dance]