// Location: New Apartment 

So I moved. In like July. I know, I never mentioned it - it's been a pretty crazy three months. I'm now midtown east, quite a different vibe than cute and trendy Greenwich Village, but it was time for a change. I finally can sleep-in until 10 am waltz over to my couch turn on my T.V and sit for another couple hours without feeling guilty. The quiet was what I needed. My old apartment always had so much New York fun happening outside, I got serious FOMO. Anyways, I've lived in this new apartment for 3 months now and there is nothing on the walls. I know, terrible. Good news is I've started framing my artwork from Collection N Eleven . Which will also be available online HERE soon! I'm working with a beautiful framing company to give you gallery quality frames, along with some hand painted custom prints for those who want something completely their own. Very excited about this.