// New York City

This is one of my favourite views of new york. Looks small enough to not feel intimidated by it, and large enough to be mesmerized by all that concrete. I'm not sure if it's my new hour commute into the city from Hoboken [yes, I've moved] but all this concrete is making me feel tired. I'm ready for a change, something that can fly me to a different country. A different accent would be nice. I don't understand people who don't feel a need to travel. One foot in a new country, and *snap* the world seems 1 million times larger than you thought it was. Suddenly everyhting you've learned or thought you knew goes right in the garbage and you start fresh. Yesterday I had a wonderful meeting in the LES [Lower East Side]. I'm working on a new custom wallpaper project [does the harlem shake], and we were brainstorming ways we can really push the envelope with design, when it dawned on me that I've fallen in that trap. That Pinterest trap for inspiration. I found myself referencing images I've found rather than things I've actually seen. Those things are two completely different things. So I've decided at this very moment it's time for a trip. I'm not sure where. But it's time for me to start exploring again. I want to make sure I keep my ideas new and fresh and innovative. Going right to source is probably the best way to do that. Is it weird that my mind went straight to London? Just what I need more concrete.