// TOP 2016

// Location: Studio

Top country songs of 2016 is what I type into youtube every morning before I sit down in the studio. I then pour my first cup of coffee, put on my headphones, and turn the volume up as loud as my ears can take to drain out my thoughts. In return I've become a sappy hopeless romantic who wants a man to love me like a country song. Above are pieces from Collection N 22, ckd's newest wallpaper collection which will be launching next week. Inspired by Morocco, this collection is coming out completely different than expected. In a good way. Maybe it's all the country music. Or maybe it's because my life has been shaken up a bit lately and I've learned to turn that energy into my work - use it to my advantage. It's most likely the country music ; ) Alright, back to work, just wanted to say hi. x -C